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Our Mission Statement

The Sweitzer Strong Foundation supports victims of traumatic brain injuries, and their families by bringing a community of strength and resources that leaves no loved one left behind. A community of strength is defined as: the extent to which people provide personal support for one another through bonds of family or friendship

The Sweitzer Strong Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to supporting and educating those who have been affected by Traumatic Brain Injury. We raise money through good time, family oriented festival Peace Valley Barefoot Festival at Peace Valley Farm Grounds and loving donations by people like you.   

Support Us

There are many ways you can support our foundation. Please contact us if there is other way you could help us. We are open to new ideas!

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No donation is too small. We are happy you decided to help us.

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2022 T-shirt design:

#SweitzerStrong t-shirts and sweatshirts are available to support our foundation.

New T-shirts and Sweatshirts designs:

Become  Our Sponsor

From listing your logo in our festival website, or placing the booth there, to sponsoring an activity, there are many opportunities to support The Sweitzer Strong Foundation!

Brain Injury Association

of America

BIAA's mission is to advance awareness, research, treatment, and education and to improve the quality of life for all people affected by brain injury.

Hope After Head Injury

THERE'S ALWAYS HOPE! Hope After Head Injury exists to provide hope, community, support, encouragement, education, and awareness for brain injury. You are not alone!

Family Caregiver Alliance

The mission of Family Caregiver Alliance is to improve the quality of the life for family caregivers and the people who receive their care. 


About Us

October 10th 2020 Jordan Sweitzer was the passenger on a dirt bike. The driver was speeding launching Jordan off of the bike. After sliding 40+ feet, his head struck a cement water cover, unfortunately Jordan was not wearing a helmet and he suffered a  severe Traumatic Brain Injury. Jordan was airlifted to Harborview Hospital in Seattle, Wa.  After 8 days the medical team asked his family to decide to remove Jordan off of the ventilator and see if he could breath on his own or to perform tracheotomy surgery and administer a feeding tube. Jordan's Father had a heart to heart with Jordan, believing he could understand. His family needed to know that Jordan wanted to continue this fight and needed a sign from Jordan... At that moment Jordan started moving his mouth and trying to open. It was then the family knew they were in this fight for the long haul and "Sweitzer Strong" was created...

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